Hospital Demands Concessions from Riot Fest Organizers

With Riot Fest moving away from Humboldt Park and into Douglas Park this year–and specifically, this coming weekend–businesses and citizens near the new concert venue have kept the grumble-train pumping. Saint Anthony Hospital, in Lawndale, has just filed suit for $158,000 in an attempt to get concessions from Riot Fest organizers due to the proximity […]

Prehistoric Patents: A Larger Than Life Problems, 65 Million Years in the Making

In the summer of 2015, Jurassic Park fans were treated to a new installment of the dino-disaster franchise with Jurassic World. The latest installment in the series clearly aims to expand and reestablish the Jurassic fan base by introducing a bigger, faster, and toothier retelling of the original story. It trades the tense, but constrained […]