Give Me Back my NCAA Football Video Games

Since 1993, the NCAA released a video game based on college football and basketball games every year. This tradition has come to an end in 2014 due to the mounting pressure placed on the organization from former college athletes. They are complaining that their image and likeness has been used by EA Sports without their […]

Infringing on Criticism: Abusing Copyright Protection to Silence Game Journalists

Video game reviewer, James Stanton, better known by his alias, Jim Sterling, has a distinctively brash, but artful style of utterly ripping apart games via his channel on YouTube. Sterling’s foul-mouthed and brutal criticism of video games did not go unnoticed by one target in particular: independent game studio, Digital Homicide. In Digital Homicide’s attempts […]

Let Them Play: A Look at Sony’s Failed Attempt to Trademark “Let’s Play”

On October 28, 2015 Sony filed an intention to use application for the mark “Let’s Play.” When news of Sony’s application broke on January 8, 2016 the public’s reaction was overwhelmingly negative. Sony’s application was refused for Likelihood of confusion in a non-final office action on December 29, 2015. A Georgia company, Let’z Play of […]

United Nations v Rock ‘n Roll

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization which aims to promote cooperation between all the nations of the world. Since the UN aims to promote harmony and fair dealings between its members, it is generally not thought of to be controversial. United Nations is also the name of a band formed in 2005 by […]

Meme Mayhem: A Quick Look at the Consequences of Becoming a Meme

Whether you see memes as a vibrant form of visual expression or a pop cultural trend that has long overstayed its welcome, memes are an unavoidable part of our online experience. The term “meme” owes its origins to the work of evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, who coined the term to describe a self-replicating unit of […]

Cochon Volant: Restaurant Review

If you’re on the corner of Clark and Monroe, you may have seen the Cochon Volant (“flying pig”) French restaurant across the street from Exelon Plaza. It’s the corner restaurant with several flying pigs adorning its sides. I’ve been a fan of pigs for a long time, both as animals and as food. Black wooden […]

Burgers at High Noon Saloon Cast a Long Shadow

Looking for an Awesome Burger? Last semester I was out looking for an apartment with a friend in Wicker Park. We had high hopes going in but by the end of the tour I was feeling disappointed because the place wasn’t exactly what the ad made it out to be. To make matters worse, I […]