The Real Estate Law Student Group

The Real Estate Law Student Group

By Vincent Cerda, Tiffany Ward, and Allie Carbonari

From buying and selling homes to determining the rights of adverse possessors, the world of real estate law is ever-changing and vastly rewarding. Real estate attorneys help provide assurances to commercial clients on some of their biggest investments. The attorneys also solidify homeowners’ dream through securing property and title to their new homes.

The field of real estate is especially unique and interesting for attorneys because it can involve so many different areas of law. Further, it is one of the few unique fields of law where transactional real estate attorneys work together cooperatively to achieve the same goal: successful sale of a property.

The Real Estate Law Student Group (RESLG) at JMLS provides students with valuable insight into the complex practice of real estate law. We offer various networking opportunities as well as educational events to showcase the field of real estate law.

This semester, RELSG has plans to introduce students to the importance of title companies in real estate transactions.  RELSG will be collaborating with Frank Pellegrini, CEO of Prairie Title and former President of the American Land Title Association, to give students an inside look on how title companies put their clients at ease by ensuring they receive proper title. Together with Mr. Pellegrini, RESLG will also be discussing some new developments in the field.

In addition, RESLG plans on going beyond the transactional side of real estate this academic year. On October 24th at 5:00 PM, we will be collaborating with two JMLS alums, Marty Dolan and Michael Favia, who can provide insider knowledge about the tort-side of real estate law through the liabilities associated with owning real property and updates to the changes in Illinois law.

Be sure to look for RESLG during Student Organization Day to receive emails for dates and times to our upcoming events and for more information on how you can join us! We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the fascinating world of real estate law.

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