What the Academic Achievement Program can do for you

What the Academic Achievement Program can do for you

By: Chris Evers

Law school is not meant to be a solitary academic endeavor.


With the start of a new semester, the JMLS Academic Achievement Program (AAP) has something to offer you no matter where you are in your law school journey. You may not need advice now or know what to ask, but we are a great place to start when you do!

While we routinely assist students with developing time management skills, practicing the skills necessary to be successful on multiple choice and essay questions, and preparing for the bar exam, we also provide one-on-one counseling to address a wide variety of issues that arise during law school.  If you are a first-year student, come speak to us if you want advice on putting together a weekly study schedule that will make sure you are devoting enough time to the different ways you need to study for law school.  We also work with many first-year students on exam taking skills, such as working together through practice essay and multiple choice questions.

Once students are eligible to take electives, we are an underutilized resource on planning out students’ remaining semesters.  We advise on what students can anticipate during a semester given the courses they want to take and on possibilities they have not thought about.

For instance, last spring, I worked with a student to develop a course plan to transition from part-time to full-time status. She believed that she had no choice but to graduate in May 2018.  I was able to help her make a plan that balanced online courses and a full summer load with her need to complete several required courses. She will now graduate this December instead.

And of course, we are here to work with students on bar exam preparation.  Taking a bar preparation course is just the beginning and we advise students on how to plan for the entire process of passing the bar exam.

Some parts of that process include choosing electives, preparing friends and family for what the exam taker will experience, balancing study and life responsibilities, and scheduling the necessary time needed to study.  We advise students on all of those matters and more.

In all, AAP is dedicated to the idea that every student can benefit from advice and assistance while at JMLS.  Please come talk to any one of our team members:

Director, Professor Corinne Morrissey (Room 610);

Associate Director, Professor Jamie Kleppetsch (Room 508);

Bar Preparation Specialist, Megan Kreminski (Room 507); and

Academic Achievement Specialist, Chris Evers (Room 601).

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