The John Marshall Law School Counseling Center

The John Marshall Law School Counseling Center

Brooke Kramer, Psy.D.

Counseling Center Coordinator


We are pleased to announce that the John Marshall Law School has partnered with Sankofa Psychological Services, LLC, to provide a new on-site Counseling Center at JMLS.

The JMLS Counseling Center offers counseling, a drop-in stress management group, disability accommodations evaluations, referrals, and wellness workshops to enrolled students.

Our counseling services are confidential and records are kept independent of JMLS to ensure client privacy. We accept the student insurance, private insurance, and offer a low-cost self-pay option for students without insurance access or who have financial limitations. To find out how much sessions would cost based on your specific insurance situation, please contact the Counseling Center.

Law school can be a challenging time and many students may struggle with multiple stressors, including academic and career concerns, family and relationship problems, coping with societal oppression and discrimination, transitioning to a new phase of life and exploring new personal and professional identities.

Counseling can be an effective and powerful tool towards managing stress, obtaining emotional support, exploring interpersonal patterns, and reducing and treating symptoms of mental health disorders. If you find yourself struggling, please reach out for help.

In addition to ongoing individual and relationship counseling, we offer a free weekly drop-in stress management group (Thursdays, 12-12:45pm, S-522) that will explore relaxation exercises, emotional wellness, and strategies for seeking support during law school. There is no appointment, paperwork or commitment necessary to attend this group.

The Counseling Center also offers office hours (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4-5pm, S-533) to address urgent concerns and decide on next steps for care.

If you are interested in seeking counseling services, please send an email to or leave us a message (312) 427-2737 ext. 455. Please include your name, date of birth, insurance information (if you have insurance), and availability for a brief phone call to discuss our services and your reasons for seeking counseling, to help us match you with a therapist.

If you are interested in seeking a disability accommodations evaluation, please reach out to Kristen Kordesh, Assistant Registrar and Disability Accomodations Administrator, at or (312) 427-2737 ext. 773.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Counseling Center, or if you want to host a Wellness Workshop where the Counseling Center can speak about a specific topic, please reach out to the Counseling Center Coordinator, Dr. Brooke Kramer, directly at or (312) 427-2737 ext. 685.

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