Student Planning and Academic Advising for Spring Registration

Student Planning and Academic Advising for Spring Registration

by Candace Carter

Editor In Chief


November brings with it that wonderful time of the semester when students can peruse the course catalog and build their schedules for the spring semester. This fall, in lieu of the Academic Advising Week sessions held by Academic Services the previous two semesters, resources have been posted online for students to access at their convenience.

On eCommons, all students have access to session recordings (available for most topics) and course lists prepared by Faculty. Information is available for nine different areas of study, and courses specific to bar prep are also listed.

The course documents provide lists of suggested courses to take during 2L and 3L years, as well as other related courses and experiential learning courses that can be taken to meet the experiential learning requirement. Faculty members who teach these courses are listed as well, so students have an additional resource if they would like to get advice from Professors.

It is also important for students to understand how the new Self Service Student Planning system, implemented last year, can help with planning courses for each year. While this system is set up for students to develop a three year plan, it is also extremely helpful for Academic Services to make courses available for students each semester.

The most important thing for students to do is plan out courses for every semester. Start with requirements before browsing electives, and follow the suggested course plans provided to you. This is especially important for part time and evening students who only enroll in a few classes each semester. Taking classes in the order suggested is key as later courses build on the earlier courses.

To access Student Planning from eCommons, go to the WebAdvisor on the right side of the page and select Student Planning under the Registration tab. After searching the course catalog and finding the class you need, select Add Course to Plan. A new window pops up where you can Select the Term and then click Add Course to Plan. After this, the courses will appear on the semesters you have selected under Plan & Schedule Courses.

Here is the important part: planning these classes – especially your elective courses – aids Academic Services in knowing which courses to offer each semester. The course catalog is brimming with interesting electives that, as of late, are rarely offered. To rectify this, plan the courses. If Academic Services sees a demand for certain courses, they will make an effort to offer the course. This is how the new self service site gives the students power.

Aside from all the tangible means of planning your schedule, it is also helpful to befriend 2Ls and 3Ls. Students who are further along in attaining their degrees will have invaluable advice to offer newer students. Get information on the course load for certain classes, electives for areas of interest, and teaching styles of various professors. Resourcing your peers will help you find classes that work best for you.

Academic Services is here to help you and happy to answer questions. If you need help with the process or don’t know what to take, their office is located on the Plymouth 3rd floor. Stop in, meet the amazing staff, and they can guide you on your academic journey.

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