Search for New Dean of Law School Begins!

Pictured: Dean John E. Corkery
Pictured: Dean John E. Corkery

Dean John E. Corkery announced this Spring that he will be stepping down as Dean of the John Marshall Law School. Dean Cork- ery has been a member of the law school’s faculty since 1973 and has taught evidence, family law, and professional responsibility. In 1998, he became Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. After that he was named Vice-Dean in 2004 and was acting Dean until being named Dean in 2007. Dean Corkery will be returning to the faculty in order to teach after taking a year off to allow for his replacement to be found.

Students were encouraged to partici- pate in a listening and input session on April 19 by the Decanal Search Committee to edu- cate search consultants on what criteria stu- dents feel they should be considering in the selection process. As of yet, there has been no word what top candidates are being considered for the position. Be sure to check out future issues of the Decisive Utterance for commen- tary by Dean Corckery and coverage of the search and selection progress as it continues.

By DU Staff

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