Federalists Rise Above the Rancor with Panel Discussions

Pictured: Federalist Society President John Giokaris
Pictured: Federalist Society President John Giokaris

This past year the John Marshall Law School’s Federalist Society has hosted a series of conversations which have been free and open to all students. The events have included discussions about the role of the police, the ideological propensities of the Chief Jus- tice Roberts, and how federal regulations affect the craft brewing industry. The discussions often pair an esteemed faculty member with a visiting academic and legal professionals to provide a balanced perspective on the issue. The events have been incredibly well attended, usually with only standing room remaining at the beginning of each event.

The Federalists are dedicated to the principle of limited government and fiscal responsibility. While not everyone may agree with all of their conclusions, the robust platform for civil debate which the organization provided this past year certainly benefited both students and faculty. President, John Giokaris and the rest of the Federalist e-board can be proud of their contributions to the intellectual life at our law school, and our editorial board sincerely hope that future student leaders are able to maintain the high bar set by this organization.

By DU Staff

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