Meme Mayhem: A Quick Look at the Consequences of Becoming a Meme

Whether you see memes as a vibrant form of visual expression or a pop cultural trend that has long overstayed its welcome, memes are an unavoidable part of our online experience. The term “meme” owes its origins to the work of evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, who coined the term to describe a self-replicating unit of […]

Advice on Preparing for Finals an Interview with Eileen Halpin

Eileen Halpin has been helping law students stay ahead of the curve for over a decade. One of her specialties is preparing them to tackle those daunting final exams. Especially the essay sections. I was able to sit down with her earlier this semester to discuss what recommendations she has for students headed into their […]

Faith and Reason: A Reflection on Christianity and the Practice of Law

Being a Christian, I frequently contemplate how to integrate my faith with the practice of law. Eventually, I concluded that the real issue is integrating the practice of law with being a Christian. It could not be any other way. Being a Christian is not something that I compartmentalize or turn on and off depending […]

Cochon Volant: Restaurant Review

If you’re on the corner of Clark and Monroe, you may have seen the Cochon Volant (“flying pig”) French restaurant across the street from Exelon Plaza. It’s the corner restaurant with several flying pigs adorning its sides. I’ve been a fan of pigs for a long time, both as animals and as food. Black wooden […]

OUTLaw Promotes Inclusive Setting with Gender Neutral Bathrooms

The fight for equality did not end with the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling in June 2015. It is a relatively unknown fact that the gay rights aspect of the civil rights movement started at the hands of a few proud and courageous transgendered individuals in what became known as the Stonewall Riots in New […]

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

In my early 20s I moved to California to pursue a career in the film business. Within 8 months I was homeless, unkempt, disillusioned and deeply embarrassed by failure. By night I drove around the city of Los Angeles, all my possessions packed into my car. By day, I retreated to the mountains of Simi […]


By Michael Reed As of this publication, John Marshall is host to approximately 900 students, each with the hopes of entering the legal profession. Of these student, as many as thirty of have identified themselves as veterans or dependents of a veteran. John Marshall has always been home to veterans looking to go to law […]